Company Information

Pioneer of new technology in fasteners. Lock’n Bolt Co., Ltd.
Founded as product development and sales department of Yokohama Industrial Co., Ltd.
Focus on the development of “Locking Bolt, Security Bolt/Nut and Bolt for black box”.

Company Name Lock’n Bolt Co.,Ltd.
Location 2-9-8 Hiranuma, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 220-0023 Japan
TEL/FAX TEL:+81-45-321-2386 / FAX:+81-45-312-5526
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April 2004, Establishment
June 2006, Project to promote new business activities
June 2008, Companies are nominated as highly profitable
enterprise in Yokohama September 2008, SBIR certified company in Yokohama(Security Bolt)
September 2009, Ditto
September 2010, Ditto