Locking bolt“Lock’n Bolt-F series”

Bolt is used to secure the products and prevents them from falling apart or becoming loose.
Bolt self-loosening occurs in time with vibrations and movements of the products.
Our bolts are specially designed and have self-locking function with friction grip in the threads, and our bolts are loosening-free.
Our bolts can be used in various places since they can replace any conventional bolts, when you need the benefit of our locking bolts.

“Lock’n Bolt”
Strong locking bolt which you don’t need a nut for tightening.


This loosening-free bolt system consists of three parts. Main bolt, inner bolt and cone-shaped taper lock insert.
The bottom of main bolt has two slits, and the bottom end expands radially when the screw is tightened firmly with the taper lock insert.
The taper lock insert is inserted from the bottom and tightened by rotation of inner bolt or taper lock insert itself.
Then, threads are completely locked.
This is a friction locking system.


This loosening-free bolt can be used for any places, like:
Elevator, Escalator, Bridge, Steel Tower, Construction site such as
Expressway, Railway, Rail car wheel fastener, Engine fastener in airplanes, ships, buses and trucks. Construction machine,
Printing machine, playing machine such as roller coaster, Work achine, industrial robot, and other equipments where vibrations cause self-loosening of bolts.


  • Prevents from self-loosening
  • Does not require nut for fastening
  • Locking only from top of the bolt is possible
  • No need to tighten from the bottom (excpet F-2 model)
  • Can be fixed at the middle of the screw length(Bolt head can stay above in the air)
  • Locks firmly for a very long time
  • Can be used both for a through hole and blind hole
  • Same strength as a standard bolt (tensile strength, shear force and torque)
  • Compatible and easily replaceable for any scew bolts